Tune Up Service £55

This is probably the service you need if your bike has been serviced recently or is generally running well but has a few niggling problems. It includes a full safety check and any potential issues will be brought to your attention.

  • Brakes tested
  • Brakes set to British Industry standard
  • Gears tested
  • Rear and front mech positions checked and adjusted
  • Rear and front mechs indexed
  • Headset checked for free movement (adjusted if necessary)
  • Handlebars checked for correct torque settings
  • Stem checked for correct alignment
  • Seatclamp checked for correct torque setting
  • Chain checked for wear
  • Chainset tested
  • Chain and chainset cleaned and re-lubed
  • Pedals and cranks all checked for the correct torque tightness
  • Bottom bracket checked
  • Tyres and rims checked for wear
  • Inner tubes inflated
  • Hubs checked
  • Wheel Trued
Strip Down Service £95

If you think there is a serious problem with your bike or it needs a full overhaul then this is the service for you. Again there is a full safety check where all potential issues will be brought to your attention.

  • Tune Up service
  • Headset removed, checked for pitting, cleaned and re-greased
  • Stem removed, cleaned and re-greased
  • Chain cleaned and re-lubed
  • Non sealed bearing hubs – bearing checked for wear, cleaned and re-greased. Hub re-sealed to correct tightness
  • Sealed bearing hubs – checked for wear and free movement and cleaned
  • Bike, wheels and all components cleaned


Frame Work
  • Bent drop-outs re-aligned – £10
  • Bent rear hanger re-aligned – £10
  • Striped, cleaned and re-assembled – £85)
Parts Work
  • Fitting any basic part (ie new stem, saddle, pedals) – £5
  • Basic adjustment (ie tightening lose headset, seat posts) – £5
  • Fitting non basic parts (ie mudguards, cranks, bar tape) – £10
Gear and Chain Work
  • Di2 Gear Service and Fault Check – £30
  • Gear Service – £25
  • Check function
  • Tune gears
  • Replace parts where necessary (some parts cost extra)
  • Replace worn chain – £10 (plus cost of new chain)
Wheel Work
  • Wheels trued – £15
  • Replace spoke – £20 + (50p for every spoke over the first 5)
  • Strip, clean and re-assemble hub – £20
  • Wheel build service – £25 (plus parts)
  • Change tyre – £10 (plus cost of tyre)
  • Change inner tube – £15 (including new inner tube)
Brake Work
  • Full V-brake or Calliper brake service – £20
  • Check brake function
  • Set brakes to optimum function
  • Replace parts where necessary (some parts cost extra)